What Might Be Bleeding Besides Your Bleeding Hemorrhoids?

by claire on January 24, 2011

Needless to say, it’s a horrific feeling to finish your business on the toilet and look down only to realize something is bleeding. That’s not normal and it’s safe to say something’s wrong. But what is it? This is not something you want to yell for your parent or spouse to come and inspect. After all, some things are just personal. But when it comes to hemorrhoids, there’s no reason to ignore this serious sign and symptom.

It’s understandable that the easiest thing to do is to just ignore it and hope it will go away. We have news for you, though, if it does go away (which it probably won’t) it certainly won’t be long before it comes back and more likely than not it will be worse this time. Bleeding hemorrhoids are the type of hemorrhoids that have seriously gotten out of control. This means there has been enough strain, wear and tear on those veins that they are literally spilling blood. You may notice only a few drops or an absolute mess but either way it’s important to face your issue of hemorrhoids and do something to get it done.

Something that has not yet even been mentioned and absolutely has to be brought up is the fact that it might be something entirely different than bleeding hemorrhoids that is causing the blood in your toilet bowl. What else might it be? It could be cancer, for one. It could be a sign that you’re straining too hard for your bowel movements for two. Actually, there are a variety of reasons that one could be bleeding from the rectal area other than hemorrhoids. Whether you know it’s from bleeding hemorrhoids or something else, it’s very important to do something about it now. The issue is only going to get worse if something is not done.

Since you now know there are a variety of other problems that could be the causes of the blood you see on your toilet paper besides bleeding hemorrhoids, it’s important to get a diagnosis first. If your issue is in fact hemorrhoids, realize that there are things you can do about it besides an operation. Just look for hemorrhoids relief that will help to correct the reasons you started dealing with. One reason, for instance, is weak veins. Inflammation is another reason your veins might have broken also. Deal with inflammation and strengthening veins and you will have the answer to your hemorrhoids crisis.

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